Failing Carburetor? – A Few Common Symptoms

Before fuel injection was introduced, carburetors were what we knew. So, while it is not as common today to see carburetors, they do still exist. With that being the case, if we own one, we may not know exactly who to go to if we have carburetor issues. If you are in fear that you have a bad or failing carburetor, there are a few symptoms that you can look at. Let’s take a look at a few common symptoms to a failing carburetor.

  1. Black Smoke. We are always concerned when smoke comes out from our exhaust. While we know that different color smoke can mean different things, why should we be concerned with black smoke? Black smoke indicates that the engine is running either too much fuel, or excessively rich fuel. Black is an indicator that unnecessary fuel and emissions are being burned.
  2. Acceleration Issues. Since the carburetor is the key factor in delivering the correct mixture of fuel and air to the engine, when a carburetor begins to fail, you begin to see performance issues. A bad carburetor can cause acceleration issues as well as bad fuel efficiency and lack of power.
  3. Difficulty Starting. Again, since the carburetor plays a key role in the air and fuel mixture, when this is disturbed your vehicle may have a difficult time starting up. This may be the case when it’s cold, or unfortunately even when the vehicle has been warmed up.

If you notice that your vehicle is showing any of these signs, it’s important to take it to a properly trained mechanic. We promise that you will receive top notch service over at A1 Carbs. Not only do our technicians have the knowledge, but they have years of experience. Do your car a favor and call A1 Carbs today!