Frequently Asked Questions

Carburetor Questions

What is involved in rebuilding my carburetor?
A1 Carbs can assist you fully rebuilding your carburetor. A typical carburetor rebuild done at A1 Carbs consists of replacing the following parts:

  • Needle seats
  • Gaskets
  • Check floats
  • Check plates
  • All Bushings
  • All electronic parts are inspected and replaced when needed

We fully inspect your carburetor for damage and faults to make sure that it will run properly once it is rebuilt and reinstalled on your vehicle.

Once your carburetor is rebuilt, we hook it up to our in-house engine test machine and make sure that it runs perfectly.

How long does it take to rebuild my carburetor?
A1 Carbs can typically rebuild your carburetor within 24 hours of receiving your order. This makes our turnaround time quick and efficient.

Fuel Injection Questions

What is involved in fuel injection repair and diagnostics?
A1 Carbs utilizes the last in fuel injection rebuilding equipment and testing. Our ASNU machine will diagnose the injector before we start to rebuild it. This allows us to verify the integrity of the injector so you know it will work properly before repair and installation.

We visually inspect each unit checking the OHM reading, flow rate and spray pattern. Then we ultrasonic clean it.


Throttle Body Questions

What is involved in throttle body rebuilds?
A1 Carbs will inspect your core before starting the tear down and rebuilding process. This includes the following:

  • Inspecting electronics and replacing if necessary
  • Checking injector flows with our ASBU machine
  • Replacing all gaskets
  • Adding new plates if needed
  • Testing the part on our motor vac machine to ensure a great product