Keep Your Carburetor Clean – Some Benefits

Keep your carburetor clean. This may seem like a common knowledge statement. Unfortunately this isn’t a task that many feel the need to perform. Cleaning your carburetor has more benefits than many even realize. So then, why don’t we discuss just a few of the positive effects from keeping your carburetor clean.

  1. Start Your Engines! – When we turn our keys, or push the start button in our cars, we expect the engine to start without a problem. However, when we notice that the car has a hard time turning over, we might begin to panic. When this occurs on a cold morning, we might not think twice about it. When it happens on a warm day though, this could be due to a dirty carburetor. A clean carb keeps the fuel flowing with ease and will help the engine start quickly.
  2. Gas ‘Er Up. – It is beyond frustrating when we notice our fuel dropping quickly. This is especially true now that the fuel prices are sky rocketing. A clean carb, again, will assist with fuel flow. Along with this, excess grime will affect the combustion process in a negative way and kill the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  3. Vroom! – Cars need an extra amount of fuel to help with the acceleration process. As was mentioned multiple times now, fuel flow is essential. So when we keep our carburetor’s clean, we help improve our car’s acceleration.

While this isn’t necessarily a difficult task, it can be tedious. However, the hard work is worth the effort. We can see by the reasons mentioned above that a clean carburetor makes for a happy car. So, if you want your carburetor to work efficiently, call the professionals at A1 Carbs and let them help your car work as it should.